PyVISA-sim: Simulator backend for PyVISA


PyVISA-sim is a backend for PyVISA. It allows you to simulate devices and therefore test your applications without having real instruments connected.

You can select the PyVISA-sim backend using @sim when instantiating the visa Resource Manager:

>>> import pyvisa
>>> rm = pyvisa.ResourceManager('@sim')
>>> rm.list_resources()
>>> inst = rm.open_resource('ASRL1::INSTR', read_termination='\n')
>>> print(inst.query("?IDN"))

That’s all! Except for @sim, the code is exactly what you would write in order to use the NI-VISA backend for PyVISA.

If you want to load your own file instead of the default, specify the path prepended to the @sim string:

>>> rm = pyvisa.ResourceManager('your_mock_here.yaml@sim')

You can write your own simulators. See Building your own simulated instruments to find out how.


Using pip:

pip install -U pyvisa-sim

You can report a problem or ask for features in the issue tracker.

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