Source code for pyvisa.resources.firewire

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""High level wrapper for VXI resources.

This file is part of PyVISA.

:copyright: 2014-2022 by PyVISA Authors, see AUTHORS for more details.
:license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.


from .. import constants
from .registerbased import RegisterBasedResource

[docs] @RegisterBasedResource.register(constants.InterfaceType.firewire, "INSTR") class FirewireInstrument(RegisterBasedResource): """Communicates with devices of type VXI::VXI logical address[::INSTR] More complex resource names can be specified with the following grammar: VXI[board]::VXI logical address[::INSTR] Do not instantiate directly, use :meth:`pyvisa.highlevel.ResourceManager.open_resource`. """